Visiting Ameland? Then come and jump!

A tandem parachute jump is a jump where you, as the passenger, don’t have to do anything but enjoy the experience of a lifetime. One of our experienced instructors, the one you’ll be connected to, will do all the work and will make sure you land softly and safely.

Performing a tandem skydive is one of the most exhilarating experiences on the planet and almost everybody can do it at Skydive Ameland.

First you’ll suit up and go through a short briefing with one of our instructors. Then you take to the skies over Ameland in our Cessna 182 airplane. The 30 minute ride up is an experience in itself, you get to see far and wide over the Island and the amazing natural environment that surrounds Ameland.

About 5 minutes before you reach your ‘exit-altitude’ your instructor will connect your harness to his own. Safely attaching you both to the parachute system that’s made to carry two people. Then the door opens, you move to the edge of the airplane and you jump out. Into the most exhilarating experience of your life!

nothing beats a skydive

After leaving the airplane you freefall through the air at about 200 kilometers per hour (appox. 125 mph). The freefall will take about 30 seconds. Probably the most exciting 30 seconds of your life! 

At around 5000 feet above sea level your instructor deploys the parachute and you slowly go from falling to flying.

The view under the canopy is absolutely spectacular. You’ll be able to see all of Ameland as well as the neighbouring Islands. The birdseye perspective really is the best possible way to take in the beauty of the Waddenzee area.

And then it’s time to land, your instructor will gently guide the parachute to the landing area right in front of our hangar where he’ll softly land, right in front of family, friends and other spectators.

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How it works

tandem skydive in vrijeval boven ameland

Step 1

bookings & reservations

getting a seat in the plane 

You can book your tandem skydive online. When you book your jump, instead of just walking-in, you’ll be assured of availability to jump on the time and day of your choosing.

When you place your booking you get to pick the day of the jump and your check-in time. The check-in time is exactly what it says: the time you’ll need to check-in, not the time you’ll make your jump. You jump at a time (usually shortly) after checking-in.

If the tandem skydive is your sole reason to travel to Ameland please make sure to call us before taking the ferry to check if the weather conditions are suitable for jumping.

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2 examples

tandem jump with blue skies

Check out what a jump over Ameland looks like on a sunny day with only clouds on the horizon.

tandem jump with clouds

Check out what Ameland looks like from above on a day with clouds. Seen from the surface the planet looks grey, but above the clouds everything’s bright and blue!

Step 2

arrivals & check-in


When you arrive at the dropzone at your checkin-in time we’ll first get a few administrative items in order as well as a weight check. You don’t need a medical declaration or a special insurance to do a tandem skydive.

Please take note that we can’t take people that weigh more than 95 kilograms -this includes any clothing and shoes-. If you’re not yet 18 years old you’ll need to bring a statement from you legal guardian(s) stating that you have permission to jump.

If on the day of your jump, the weather isn’t suitable for skydiving you can reschedule your jump to another date, as long as that date is within 2 years.

overview of a jump

In the video below you see what a jump at Skydive Ameland is all about.

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Step 3

photo and video footage

Our instructors can bring a special camera during the skydive that can record both video footage and take photos. The instructor wears a special glove on his hand that holds the camera.

When you jump with us you have the option to record the jump on video, photo or both. The images are ideally suited for print. 

We document the entire experience: jump preparation, the flight up, the amazing views, your exit out of the airplane, the freefall and the parachute-flight including the landing.

didn’t book the photo/ video FOOTAGE?

If you’re in doubt about having the experience of lifetime recorded for posterity, it’s the best advice we could give to absolutely go for it. You can add the media package when you check-in.

The images made during your skydive are probably the best images or yourself that you’ll ever see. It’s a ‘once in a lifetime opportunity‘.

tandem skydive in vrijeval boven ameland
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StEp 4

Planning & instructiON


When your check-in is completed you could be heading straight for your instruction and your ride to altitude. It’s also possible, for instance when the weather isn’t suitable, that there will be a wait (up to half a day) before we can perform the jump.

Instruction and gear-up

When the weather is fair you can wear anything from shorts to pants, we’ll provide you with a jumpsuit (overalls). It’s important though that you wear (closed) shoes that don’t have protruding parts. So no slippers, high-heels or army boots.

Friends and family will be well taken care of during your flight to altitude and we’ll land right in front of the spectator area which is in front of the office and hangar.

Ameland from above

No time to think, before I know it I’m on the little step with my tandemmaster. And then, all of a sudden I’m flying. I’M FLYING! I spread my arms as I fall at 200 kmh. and I know for sure that this is the VERY VERY best thing I’ll EVER do”

tandem skydive in vrijeval boven ameland

StEp 5


the experience of a lifetime

Freefall and the subsequent flight under parachute over beatiful Ameland is incredibly special. The freecall is a 30 second adrenaline fueled rush contrasted by the serenity of the peace and calm you experience during the canopy flight that follows.

It’s literally the experience of a lifetime, you’ll make a memory that will stay with you for the rest of your days.

By the time you’ve landed your certificate of achievement is waiting for you. The photo/ video package will be delivered via e-mail, usually within 1 to 4 hours.

Ready to jump again?

tandem skydive prices

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You can book your tandem-jump on our booking page. There you choose your preferred date, your check-in time and your media-package choice.
After completing your booking you receive a confirmation email that contains a link to a ‘liability release waiver’. Please click the link and fill in the waiver at least before you arrive at the dropzone on the day of your jump.

Tandemjump only
€ 209,-
Basic option without Photo/ Video
Ground instruction
Tandem parachute jump
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Tandemjump with Video
€ 284,-
Option with video footage
Ground instruction
Tandem parachute jump
Video footage
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Frequently asked questions

As it’s not an everyday thing for most people to jump out of an airplane we get quite a few questions. We’ve listed the most frequently asked questions -and their respective answers- here. There’s also a dedicated page with all our questions and answers.

Tandem jump

Officially no. But we do use the following rules to determine if we'd like to jump with someone:

For the maximum age:

  • Is the passenger able to lift his/ her legs properly for the landing?
  • Is the passenger still spry and sturdy?

For the minimum age:

  • Will the passenger properly fit the harness?
  • Is the passenger fully aware what a tandemjump entails?
  • Does the passenger (child) want to jump or is the passenger acting under social pressure from the parent(s) ?
  • Is a legal guardian present to sign a release of liability waiver?

If you'd like to jump and you're not yet 18 we'll need a permission document signed by a legal guardian / parent. Download the underage permission document by clicking here.

Suitable clothes (and shoes) that enable you to move easily (skirts, dresses, slippers and high-heels are not ideal) should be enough. Also don't forget to bring friends and family for support in the spectators area!

You'll leave the airplane at +/- 9000 ft. / 3km. for a 30 second freefall.

You can leave your belongings best with family or friends that accompany you. If you come alone we'll keep your things safe in a student locker.

Yes, you can breathe during freefall.

Generally speaking the atmosphere is about 18 degrees celsius colder at 9000 ft. then at sealevel. Although when you make your first jump it's quite likely you won't notice the cold at all.

Our airplane is big enough to hold 2 tandem-passengers (and their instructors). Groups larger than 2 jumpers will be distributed over multiple flights.

The flight up to 9000ft. takes between 20 and 30 minutes. You'll get to enjoy a spectacular view of the Island of Ameland and it's surroundings.

The freefall typically takes about 30 seconds. Both the longest and shortest 30 seconds of your life.

The canopy ride down takes between 4 and 5 minutes, depending on how steep you ask your instructor to make the turns. 

You can always ask your instructor if you can try flying the canopy, usually it's fine!

For shoes sneakers are best. As long as there's nothing protruding where a line can snag, such as with classic army boots.

With regards to clothing; anything that you can freely move in is fine as we'll provide you with overalls. Dresses and skirts are probably not ideal though.

We land right in front of the centre and the hangar. And right in front of the spectator area.

Photo/ Video

Met een camera in een speciale handschoen die door de Tandem instructeur wordt gedragen, worden de beelden van de sprong gemaakt. Dit begint al bij de voorbereiding op de grond, van het uitzicht tijdens de vlucht, de gehele vrije val en de vlucht onder de parachute tot en met de landing.
Na de sprong wordt je reportage ge-edit en op een USB-sticks gezet.

Je kunt altijd ter plaatse besluiten een Handycam reportage te bestellen.

Ja, het is zeker een aanrader als het je eerste sprong is. Veel springers ervaren dat zij blij zijn met de Handycam reportage om de sprong te kunnen herbeleven. Zeker de eerste keer kun je door de spanning en adrenaline niet alles in je opnemen, terugkijkend naar je film haal je weer de herinneringen boven.

De beelden worden na je sprong ge-edit en op één van onze speciale USB sticks mee naar huis.

Wij kunnen bijna altijd de beelden na je sprong editen en na ongeveer 15 minuten meegeven. Afhankelijk van de drukte moeten wij soms de beelden per post opsturen, dit is alleen het geval op hele drukke dagen in het hoogseizoen.

Op de grond tijdens de introductie en de in de vlucht kunnen na overleg beide passagiers gefilmd worden. De instructeur filmt de sprong zelf met de camera in zijn handschoen, hij kan alleen zijn passagier filmen.

Om veiligheidsredenen is het helaas niet mogelijk om je eigen camera mee te nemen.

Voordat je een camera mag meenemen tijdens een sprong moet je minimaal 200 solo sprongen hebben gemaakt en in het bezit zijn van een B – brevet.

Dan kunnen wij je hoogstwaarschijnlijk helpen. Wij bewaren al onze videobeelden in een archief.

Stuur een mail naar ons met je naam en de datum van je sprong dan kunnen we de beelden opsturen.

Wij maken alleen de Handycam reportage. Vindt je het leuker om een foto te hebben dan kun je die uit je Handycam reportage halen.

Bij ons is het niet mogelijk om met een losse cameraman/vrouw te springen. Het vliegtuig heeft enkel plek voor twee tandemsprongen/ 4 personen. Anders zou er maar 1 Tandem per vlucht mee kunnen.


It's near impossible to provide an answer to this question. We'd love to be able to though!

We try to make our assessments as accurate as possible, given the current state of technology and understanding of weather patterns. The fact that Ameland is an Island further complicates accurate forecasting.

Before you board the ferry you can always give us a call to make your own determination regarding to travel to the Island or to reschedule.

Factors that negatively influence jumping operations are:

  • low and thick cloud cover
  • strong winds
  • rain
  • a combination of the above

When in doubt if the weather is good enough to jump: give us a call before you travel.

Short answer: no, not really. Every season has its merits although most people tend to prefer the warmer temperatures of summer.

If your weight -including clothes and shoes- is between 95kg. and 105kg. we might be able to take you skydiving. This is dependant on a few factors though:

  • We need light winds on the day of the jump, but not strong winds
  • The passenger needs to have enough physical strength to lift their legs for a duration of 10 seconds (all the way up).
  • On the day of the jump we need to have an instructor on site that is willing and able to jump with additional passenger weight.

If you're not sure if you meet these demands contact us to discuss your options. Take note though that we can never unconditionally agree to jump as there are many variables in play that can change just prior to a jump.

Short answer: yes you can. We have goggles that you get to wear that can fit over glasses. It's theoretically possible though that these could off during freefall, in that case you might also lose your glasses. Bringing glasses is therefore at your own risk.

Yes. Fear of height will not affect you at all. That's just not the way fear of heights works as you'll elevation above the earth will be higher than your subconscious mind will register as 'height'.

No that's not necessary. If you have doubts that your medical fitness might not be good enough to experience the skydive please consult your medical doctor.

Participants in a parachuting course, to jump solo, do need a medical exam before they can partake in the course.

Experiencing a tandem skydive is not dangerous, statistically you'll be in a lot more danger every time you venture outside in public traffic. The same as with driving a car; it's not a dangerous activity per se but it's possible to get hurt in very rare occasions.

Yes, your canine is more than welcome to join you at our spectators patio. A few rules do apply:

  • Always on a leash
  • Always supervised by a human
  • Any mess is yours to clean up ;-)